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All you need to receive your Free WordPress Website is to activate our self-serve hosting plan to reserve yourself some space on our hosting server.  This process will activate your Control Panel (CPanel) which will give you access to a free basic website hosting plan (where your Free WordPress Website will be pre-installed) as well as email setup, FTP and much, much more.

Need a domain name? We’ve got that covered as well!

Having an impressive website is a necessity for any business for a number of reasons. Your website is the face of your company for starters, just as important as your receptionist, shop front, sales staff and marketers all rolled into one. That’s why we want to help you get a wonderful website at prices that won’t break the bank.

Our Free WordPress Website design package offers everything that you need for a cutting edge, modern website, while leaving you in full control of your destiny. Included in our monthly or annual hosting plan price you will receive a free, pre-built, modern WordPress website, which includes an online shop for those who want to sell your products on their website. You will be at liberty to configure the site yourself to ensure that it is exactly how you like it, but we can help with training if you would like to get some help at the start.

Our free self-serve hosting plan comes with:

  • 250MB of Disk Space
  • 250MB of Bandwidth
  • 3 Email Accounts
  • Install of WordPress Website with a pre-configured Mobile Responsive Theme
  • Installation of a pre-configured WooCommerce Shopping Cart
  • Installation and Setup of 1 x Contact Form

What is WordPress…

When it comes to a free website, it doesn’t get much better than WordPress. 74.6 Million websites the world over depend on WordPress, so you’re in good company. WordPress offers an easy to manage system of designing, building and maintaining your site and has over 29,000 plug-ins available. This means that extra functions can and are always being added to make your website even better. Of course, your site will be mobile responsive to ensure easy access for those who are using mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Catch Responsive Theme

Your Free WordPress Website comes pre-built using the excellent Catch Responsive theme to help get you started. This has a number of benefits to you, including:

  • Responsive to any device (lap top, phone, tablet, PC…) regardless of the screen size.
  • Theme options allowing you to change lay-outs, colours, fonts, logos, add links backgrounds etc.
  • Side bars and drop-downs
  • Translations


Your Free WordPress Website package also includes the use of WooCommerce – a specialised online shopping cart that is designed to work with all WordPress websites. It allows you to sell anything and gives you complete control over your sales data. The shopping cart feature means that your site can start earning you money, and increase your business’s sales at no extra cost to you or your business.

Theme Switching

Although you have total control of your website, you can use WordPress’s theme switching plug-ins to allow users to change the theme and style of your site. This not only can make it more fun and interesting for your users, it also means that you can show off your technical skills.

Need Help…

If you need any help or feel that you need any further training, you can buy specific training from us, and you also have access to help guides on the dashboard of your WordPress site which can walk you through some of the WordPress functions and processes.

Here at Oley Media Group, we want to help you to get the best website which serves all of your modern business needs and the best prices for you. Our cheap website design package – self-serve, allows us to help you with the technical side and you to tailor-make your site to be exactly how you want it to be.